4 areas you can focus your spring cleaning efforts

Your common areas

It goes without saying that germs and dirt can spread in common areas, such as exam rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, and staff areas. Veterinary waiting rooms can get especially hairy: It’s important to keep your common areas clean to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, protecting your practice, patients, and customers. Infection protection and biosecurity are essential for not only disease transmission between animals but also between your four-legged patients and the professionals who care for them. Make sure you’re washing your hands and sanitizing between every set of paws or hands you touch, stay home when you are sick, disinfect all areas every night before you leave, and cover up any cuts or wounds you may have.

Your patient management system

Keeping all your important files stored in the most easily accessible place on your computer can be great when you’re trying to find something quickly. Beyond your desktop and old spreadsheets, there are many dental and veterinary practice management software programs out there. We gathered a list of the better programs available that can help you organize and secure your patient information.

  • tab32 — All-in-one cloud platform used for tracking appointments, patients, radiology X-rays, patient engagements, and annual revenues
  • Identalsoft — 100% paperless practice management software that offers integrated charting, billing, treatment planning, schedule, and imaging features
  • ezyVet — Cloud-based practice that handles boarding, billing, calendars, financial statements, lab results, inventory, marketing, and treatment information
  • AVImark — Offers electronic medical records, appointment and boarding calendars, patient reminders, dental charts, estimates and invoicing, financial reporting, and more paperless practices

Your technology and equipment

Have you considered updating your practice with the latest and greatest technology and equipment? Technology is constantly advancing, and you want to make sure that each year you’re keeping yours up to date. Be sure to do some research while also keeping your priorities in mind (don’t get distracted by new, shiny objects). What you invest in now will do your future self a favor.


  • Has my patient base shifted?
  • Do I have the equipment needed to treat each specific type of animal?
  • Am I seeing more of the same condition, and how can I make the treatment easier for the patient, my staff, and me?


  • Is there new equipment that can make my patients more comfortable, such as intraoral cameras?
  • Are there tools that can help predict patient outcomes like artificial intelligence?

Your goals

As an owner, it’s important to make sure your goals align with where your practice is today. Whether you have plans to open a new location or dream of expanding your current practice, now is the time to reflect on those goals, compare where you were before to where you are now, and see what goals can be marked as “complete” or “still in progress.” Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t yet achieved your goals. Instead, make realistic advances and push the needle forward just a little bit every day, if you can.



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