Dentists: 3 transformative technologies you want to keep an eye on

You may have seen these advancements in technology in other areas of your life — but now they’re coming to (and advancing) the dental industry.

3 min readApr 12, 2022

Nothing could ever replace the hard work you’ve put in to build your dream dental practice. That’s an incredible accomplishment (way to go!). But as you get further along in your practice ownership journey, you’ll need some of the latest technological support to ensure you’re giving your valued patients the care they deserve. We gathered some research to help you get started.

As you read through our list, remember: These resources aren’t coming to replace you, but rather to help you — think “work smarter, not harder.”

Virtual reality

Dentist office anxiety can prevent patients from getting their yearly checkups, resulting in the pain of root canals, cavities, and other daunting experiences that kept them from visiting in the first place. Virtual reality (VR) has statistically significant impacts on pain management, according to a recent Cedars-Sinai study. Patients can use VR headsets to distract from their procedure, pain, or discomfort. An amazing view of Bora Bora sounds especially calm, doesn’t it?

In addition, you can use VR to experience your patients’ procedures through their own eyes. Through learning what your patient will have to experience during the actual procedure, you can cultivate deeper empathy and trust between you and your patient, leading to improved care overall.

Augmented reality

Many people use augmented reality (AR) every day via filters on apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Today, you can use AR to your (and your practice’s) advantage. The technology is more prevalent in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, which helps patients know what they will look like after their treatment.

SmartTek and Kapanu have developed AR apps that use their phone or tablet’s camera to overlay virtual depictions of the improved set of teeth before the procedure. This allows patients and dentists to configure features of their teeth, such as height and spacing, to their liking before they even enter the operatory.

Artificial intelligence

Remember earlier when we mentioned working smarter, not harder? Artificial intelligence (AI) is where you can put that theory into practice the most. AI is currently used for various purposes in dentistry, such as identifying normal and abnormal structures, diagnosis of diseases, and predicting treatment outcomes. Not to mention, AI is used extensively in dental laboratories and is playing a growing role in dental education.

Did you know that dentists can miss 40% of earlier treatment opportunities on radio graphs? Software like Denti.AI will help with diagnosing more pathology in less time, which will give doctors more of their time back. Tired of running around the office to find an available assistant to perio chart? Denti.Ai also provides perio charting, a voice-enabling software that acts as an assistant to doctors as they assess their patients. Pearl, another AI system, also acts as a dental practitioner’s “always-on” assistant and provides segmentation, detection, and disease progression.

AI systems are also more accurate at predicting the presence of tooth decay, oral cancer, detection and diagnosis of dental caries, endodontics, and more. Using AI as a second pair of eyes can greatly improve patient care, but again, this software can’t replace the eyes of a trained dentist. As you gather more data, you can diagnose and treat your patients more quickly and easily.

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